From the Mission Commander

Firstly, on behalf the Satellite 5 Expedition Command and Control Team, can I welcome you to the Satellite 5 website!

Who would have thought after the huge effort required to run Satellite 4 (Eastercon 2014), the same group of people would immediately organise another convention? Well, we are… and plans for Satellite 5 are well under way.

Of course we will not be as large as our Eastercon (I hope — or we will need a new hotel) but I can assure you that reduced quantity will not lead to reduced quality of the event. Rather, like astronaut ice-cream, it is just all the good parts concentrated into a smaller package.

As with all Satellite conventions, we are taking a particular theme to run through the event. This time it is space stations, orbital platforms, floating cities and anything else that might bob around space with people in it. A key feature of our events has always been the exploration of the interface and interactions between science fiction and science, with a huge dollop of fun and silliness thrown in. Where else could you find out about the most inadvisable ever developments in rocket science; have the chance to build your own trebuchet and launch mini-Mars bars through the designer light-fittings of a luxury hotel; or witness the convention Science Guest demonstrate Archimedes Principle by sticking his head in a bucket of water!?

One thing we have confirmed is an excellent Guest of Honour — Jaine Fenn will be joining us for the weekend. There is more information about Jaine and her works here.

After some difficulty finding a venue – like NASA, we had to scrub a couple of launches due to last minute hiccups – we are pleased that our journey through space and time has brought us to the Marriott Hotel and the May Bank Holiday weekend, thus giving members an extra day to travel home and avoiding February's unpredictable weather.

Our plans are at an early stage, but we will keep you updated through this website and our Facebook page and Twitter feed.

We know many of you enjoyed our previous conventions, and look forward to meeting friends old and new at Satellite 5.


Mission Commander, Expedition C&C