Jaine Fenn

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Photo by James Cooke

Jaine Fenn, author of the Hidden Empire series of novels, was always a science fiction fan: brought up on a mixture of Doctor Who novels and Star Trek, she wrote her first “novel” at age 7. At age 11, she decided to make a career of writing unlikely stories. Jaine studied linguistics and astronomy at the University of Hertfordshire, where she also became the president of the local student Science Fiction Society. While at university, she met and married “the love of her life”.

Jaine has had several short stories published in different magazines and her debut novel, Principles of Angels was published in June 2008. Since then, she has published a further 4 novels in the Hidden Empire series and a short story collection, Downside Girls set in the Hidden Empire universe. The Ships of Aleph, a novella first available as a limited-edition hard-copy chapbook produced by Novacon 42, will be published as an e-book on April 2nd 2015. In her spare time, Jaine includes wild, green places, dancing like nobody’s watching and serious chocolate in her list of things to ease the trials of everyday life.

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Bibliography (from ISFDB)

Stand alone works

  • Downside Girls (short fiction collection, 2012)

Hidden Empire series

  • Principles of Angels (2008)
  • Consorts of Heaven (2009)
  • Guardians of Paradise (2010)
  • Bringer of Light (2011)
  • Queen of Nowhere (2013)