Ed Buckley

Picture of GoH Ed Buckley
Photo by Michael Davidson

Our Artist Guest of Honour, Ed Buckley, is a fan of long standing. In his earlier years he worked for Glasgow Buses and then at Kelvingrove Museum and Art Gallery. He has always had a keen interest in science and science fiction and is a current member of The Mars Society and The Space Settlers Society as well as being a regular at the Glasgow SF Fangroup "Resurgence of Trout". In the past, Ed has been president of ASTRA.

Ed is a keen and talented artist, specialising in "space" art — space ships, space stations, futuristic planetary landscapes — and it is rumoured that he is being considered as Chief Artist for the first manned expedition to Mars because it is felt that his artistic talents will capture the beauty of Mars far better than any photographs. Ed regularly displays his art at Eastercon and created the cover picture for the Satellite 3 Programme Book.